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Why We Should Re-Read (A Guest Post With Molly McTernan)


Today my friend Molly McTernan and I are exchanging guest posts! We’ve had this planned for quite some time so I’m so excited to finally share them with you!! I wrote a post about the importance of listening to audiobooks over on her site you can check out here!


Why We Should Re-Read

By Molly From Molly McTernan

Is re-reading a waste of time?

Everyone out there has a favorite book that they’ve read.  Maybe it was the deep themes, the funny characters, the beautiful descriptions or allegory, or perhaps the poetic prose.  But something pulled them in and enticed their bookish imagination.

That being said, not everyone will re-read books (even those favorite titles).  

Now, I’m fairly positive that if I asked you to name your favorite song or movie, you’d not only be able to name it, but you’d be able to say that you’ve listened to or watched the piece multiple times.  I for one can fully attest to this! 

But the thing is, a song is usually only a few minutes long and though movies are lengthier, they are an easy way for relaxation that doesn’t require much thought or energy.  Each time that we go through a song or movie again, we notice new things and enjoy the piece the same or even more, but the same could be said of reading.

Books cause us to slow down and think.  They are temporary, portable objects that can whisk us into a reality that is not our own, and yet can teach us much about it all the same.  Books shape people, even cultures, and words have the power to build up and take down.

So why don’t people re-read more?

I think the answer comes down to a few reasons, but one of the main ones may be that the person already has so many books that they want to read, that they don’t think they have the time to go through one they already have.  

I understand the mentality, but I would argue that a book is never really the same twice.  Not only do the characters and meaning change with time, and a re-read allows you to see gaps you might have before, but you are never the same person as the one who read it before.  Each year, you grow older and God can teach us new things.  

Good books can be like friends – always the same person, but always with different things to offer.  The book’s text might be the same, yes, but the reader is hardly stagnant.

If you have not already – or have not any time recently – I encourage you to try to re-read a book.  You might just be surprised at what you find.


About The Author:

Molly McTernan is an aspiring author who writes with one desire: to glorify the Creator. When Molly isn’t writing, she can be found reading, playing her violin or spending time with her family and many pets. Molly loves going for bike rides, buying a multitude of used books, receiving and sending letters and emails, and Australian licorice.  You can find her online at her website where she blogs about faith, reading and writing.


Wasn’t that an awesome post? I loved her thoughts about re-reading. 🤩 Be sure to head over to her site and give her a subscribe! She also has an awesome book a poetry called Poetic Surrender that you should definitely check out! Thanks Molly for guest posting with me!

What did you think? Do you re-read books? What was your favorite point Molly made in this article??

Until next time,

Bella 👋

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4 Responses

  1. Yes! I agree with that! When I first read the books “Stargirl” and “The Outsiders”, I liked them. But when I reread them recently both of them became new favorites!

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