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I’m so excited you are here! I’m Bella Raine, a fun-loving, creative teenager with a passion for pure books, the arts, and writing for His glory! Have some kombucha (it’s my favorite ;) ) and stay a while!

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A lil' introduction...

Hey there, friend! I’m Bella Raine, fun-loving, creative, homeschooled young woman. I have a passion for pure books, fluid art, writing for His glory, fall weather, and the belief that it’s never too hot for sweatshirts! While working toward traditional publication for my Middle Grade novel, I love creating and selling fluid art on my store, reading lots of books, drinking frozen kombucha, and hanging out with my family and friends on our small farm in Tennessee! I’ve been published in two historical fiction anthologies and now run a blog about all things books, art, and writing. I would also love to connect with you through my email list! I do hope, you’ll stick around- I’d love to have you!

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