Top 10 Tips For Writers (A Guest Post)

Hello! There are a few things I’m really passionate about and if you ask me (since I’m definitely a talker) could go on and on about!! Some of those are Jesus, Adventures in Odyssey, art, blogging, and of course WRITING!! Writing is something I just love talking about and even though I haven’t been writing […]

Fall Photos!

Hello! I’m writing this post on my back deck looking out at my yard covered in crunchy fall leaves!! It’s dreamy!! I don’t know about you, but fall is my MOST favorite season of all!!! Why you ask? Well a few reasons… The weather. If you want to make Bella happy, give her some parmesean […]

Meet And Greet- Novel Edition!

Hello friends! This is a post that I’ve been super excited to make for a long while! I am giving you an inside look in my current Work-In-Progress, my novel!! I just finished the second draft of this project and I’m really really excited about it! Today I’m going to be “interviewing” myself about my […]

Writing When You’re Busy (A Guest Post)

Hello friends!! Today I have the privilege to be swapping blog posts with Leah Grace from The Grace Haus!! She has a lovely blog for Christian teen girls, and I love reading her posts!! I definitely recommend you check her out and sign up for her email list! I wrote a post for her that […]

Book Review- Once Upon A Wardrobe

Hello friends!! It’s been a little while since we’ve had a book review so I feel it’s time for another! Today’s book is a recent new favorite for me: Once Upon A Wardrobe I’m a big C.S. Lewis fan, and both my grandmother and great-aunt recommended this book to me, and so I thought I’d […]

How To Do Fluid Acrylic Art

Hello! Today I have some very exciting news, and a different kind of post for you!! First the exciting news… I have officially moved my Art By Bella Raine (Etsy shop) right here to my blog! Since I started, I have been selling mostly through word-of-mouth, and local oppurtunites, using Etsy as my platform, but […]

Author Interview!

Hello! I am super excited for this post today, and it’s because I have the great joy and honor to be interviewing, award-winning author Libby McNamee!! Libby is one of the authors who I got to learn from at both online summer writing camp I attended. Her teaching continues to hit me right where I […]

My Top 10 Books

Hello! As we continue on with my “Top 10” series, I have a list of my top 10 most favorite books!! I hope you can check these out and find some new reads! Follow me through the shelves, and let’s go!! Note: These are in no particular order! 😉 Second Note: Some of these I’ve […]

My Top 10 Creative Activities

Hello! One of my most favorite things to do is sit down at my desk (or a table) and listen to something (perhaps an audiobook or music) and do some kind of artistic or creative craft!! Today I thought I’d share with you my top 10 favorite crafts/art projects/creative activities to do! 1- Fluid Acrylic […]

My Top 10 Writing Resources

Hello!! Whether you have been writing for two weeks, or writing for 6 years, we ALL need help from time to time! There is so much information out there on how to be a writer, it’s staggering. I mean, when you google “writing tips”, 10.15 trillion results come out. That’s a lot of advice! So […]

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