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Book Review- Kingdom Series

Hello friends!!

I hope you all enjoyed my book review of the Sonrise Stable series! (and if you haven’t read the review click here!) Today I bring you a series review, of…

The Kingdom Series

I am currently writing a Biblical allegory fantasy novel and as part of that, I figured that I should read as many Biblical allegories I can get my hands on! Chuck Black’s Kingdom series books, are by FAR some of the best allegories (and overall books) I’ve ever read!


Bottom Line Info:


Kingdom Series

Number Of Books In The Series:



Chuck Black


Young Adult Biblical Allegory Medieval Fantasy


What It’s About:

The Kingdom SeriesΒ novels are Biblical allegories that are set in a medieval time period. They cover the span of time from Genesis through the book of Revelation. They are full of action and adventure where swords, knights, and battle are all Biblically symbolic. The allegory teaches Godly character, the adventure captures the imagination of all ages, and the action keeps teenagers engrossed from cover to cover…even non-readers! … The series is one continuous story with characters that portray courage, loyalty, discipline, and honor.”
(credit: Perfect Praise Publishing)

My Thoughts:

Things To Be Aware Of:

As it is a medieval fantasy, sword fights and battles are quite plentiful. There are often life-threatening wounds, deaths, blood, and other things of that nature. It’s a matter of taste whether or not it is too much for you, but I felt it was ok, for it being a Young Adult novel. There is no magic or wizardry is the books, but allegorical spiritual warfare is displayed. In nearly each book there is a romance between the “valiant knight” and the “fair maiden”. However, I (who is very strict about romance and never reads that genre) thought it was all very well done, wholesome, and pure!

My Review:

These books blew me away!! I am continually amazed at the mastery of Chuck Black’s pen. Each and every character is so well-developed you can’t help but love them! I thought the way he portrayed the Bible in these books was very eye-opening and thought-provoking. Once you pick this book up, there is often no setting it down until you’ve finished it! The messages often run so much deeper than the story and I was amazing at the truths I uncovered in these pages! These definitely taught me more about the Bible and brought me closer to God!

My Heart Rating (out of 5):


This review pique your interest? You can check out Chuck Black’s website and buy the books here!


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Bella πŸ‘‹

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