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Book Review- Once Upon A Wardrobe

Hello friends!!

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a book review so I feel it’s time for another! Today’s book is a recent new favorite for me:

Once Upon A Wardrobe

I’m a big C.S. Lewis fan, and both my grandmother and great-aunt recommended this book to me, and so I thought I’d give it a shot. My great-aunt recommended listening to the audiobook version since the narrator had a British accent. (and I mean everything sounds cooler in a British accent!) Man it was a great book!! I really really enjoyed it, so I’m excited to unpack it with you guys today!


Bottom Line Info:


Once Upon A Wardrobe


Patti Callahan


Adult Historical Fiction


What It’s About:

“1950: Margaret Devonshire (Megs) is a seventeen-year-old student of mathematics and physics at Oxford University. When her beloved eight-year-old brother asks Megs if Narnia is real, logical Megs tells him it’s just a book for children, and certainly not true. Homebound due to his illness, and remaining fixated on his favorite books, George presses her to ask the author of the recently released novel The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe a question: “Where did Narnia come from?”
(credit: Amazon)

My Thoughts:

Things To Be Aware Of:

The main character, Megs, does fall in love, and there are a few kisses, one in particular being described in detail, and so being pretty sensitive to things like that (and one whose never “kissed” anyone before) I skipped over that bit. 😉

My Review:

As I said, I really like C.S. Lewis, and so I came into this book a bit skeptical, but I was impressed. It was a fairly slow book but I say that as a compliment! Very charming and quaint not fraught with threats, peril, and danger, which was a welcome relief from lots of other books! And yet I was still sucked into the story, and really enjoyed it! It was one of the very first adult fiction book I’ve read, but it almost didn’t seem like an adult book since it had a younger cast of characters (aside from C.S Lewis of course). All in all it was a very charming book that I definitely recommend!

My Heart Rating (out of 5):


This review pique your interest? You can check out Patti Callahan’s website and buy the books here!

Have you read Once Upon A Wardrobe before? If not, are you planning on reading it now? Do you like C.S. Lewis? I’d love to chat in the comments!

Until next time,

Bella 👋

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12 Responses

  1. Like you, when I first went into reading this book I was skeptical because I really like C. S. Lewis and I didn’t want anyone to ‘ruin’ him lol. But I was so blown away by it and enjoyed it so much! I have the older hardback version of it, which is so pretty, but that version looks so pretty too <3

  2. This book sounds amazing and right up my alley! I think I would love it!!! *adds to my lengthy reading list*

  3. Ooh! This book sounds amazing! I usually prefer fantasy, but every now and then I’ll read some historical fiction to take a break. And being a C.S. Lewis fan, and having read all the Narnia books, this novel sounds very intriguing! Thanks for the book review Bella! < 3

  4. Ooo, I love the winter vibes of the cover! I’ve seen this book around Goodreads; I really like TLWW, so I might just enjoy this one. Thanks so much for the review, Bella.

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