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Book Review- Sonrise Stable

Hello friends!!

I hope you all enjoyed my book review of Lines Of Courage! (and if you haven’t read the review click here!) Today I bring you another book review, this time a series. The series is:

Sonrise Stable!

I absolutely LOVE this series! It has so many things I love threaded throughout these books!! (i.e. horses, homeschooling, adoption, family, and God- literally what’s not to love?!)

Let’s do this!!


Bottom Line Info:


Sonrise Stable

Number Of Books In The Series:



Vicki Watson


Middle Grade Contemporary Fiction


What It’s About:

“The Sonrise Stable series contains heartwarming stories of an extended homeschooling family as they live, learn, and love together. Mixing adventure, life lessons, and realistic horse experiences, the series is a must for readers who enjoy family values, Christian faith, and, of course, horses!”

My Thoughts:

Things To Be Aware Of:

There is honestly not really anything of concern in these books, hence why I love them so much! Book #4 involves a foster farm of abused animals, therefore there is some talk of mistreated & injured animals. Book #7 is the most intense from my perspective, (a girl gets lost in the forest, with dangerous wild animals loose) but it wasn’t scary. Book #9 is about bullfighting, and there are some depictions of bullfighting related injuries, but there was nothing gory or overly descriptive.

My Review:

I love these books so much! These are exactly the kind of book we need in our culture today. Family is respected to the highest, God and Biblical truths/lessons are weaved through the whole series, and the plots are so engaging! The books are very well written, and once I began reading them I couldn’t put the series down until I had finished them all! Book #3 has a lot of evolution vs. creation dialogue in it & I really enjoyed that! There is also a strong theme of adoption throughout the story, and many people are led to Christ!

My Heart Rating (out of 5):


This review pique your interest? You can check out Vicki Watson’s website and buy the book here!


Until next time,

Bella πŸ‘‹

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