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Hello!! Welcome to my blog! My name is Bella Raine, and I am a Christ following, creative, outgoing teenager. This blog is about all things art, books, and writing!

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My Favorite Christmas Crafts

Hello friends!

Christmas is only two weeks away! Can you believe that? I feel like just yesterday it was the fall and now in only a handful of days it will be Christmas!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is making fun Christmas crafts!! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite festive arts and crafts to do around the holidays!

#1- DIY House

If you read this post I did a while back you probably know I love making these DIY dollhouses! They are so much fun! This one my mom actually purchased to make herself but gave it to me since she thought I would enjoy it more! <3 I haven’t finished it quite yet but I’m so close!

You can buy it here!

2- Crayon Ornaments

Credit for this goes to my mom! She found this idea somewhere and we all made this ornament together! Basically all you do, is shave a bunch of crayons until you have lots of tiny crayon pieces in your chosen colors. Then you put them inside the ornament and use a hairdryer to melt the crayons to the inside! It was such an easy project and turned out so well!

You can find a similar tutorial on how to do it here!

3- Paper Snowflakes

We’re not talking about any old paper snowflakes! Last year my mom (again! Wow I’m sensing a theme! It’s no wonder I’m talking about her so much, she is the creative craft queen in my family! <33) printed me and my siblings out some more complicated paper snowflake templates and we had SO much fun making them!! This year I found this 3D snowflakes tutorial and I’m super excited to try them out!

You can find the templates here!

4- Christmas Book Folding

You guys if you don’t know what book folding is, PLEASE let me enlighten you! This craft is SO much fun! It also takes SO long! πŸ˜‰ But taking the time to figure out how to make them is well worth it. All you really need is a good visually pleasing book, your template, some scissors, and a pencil! (and I usually like to have something that helps make tight folds!) I can’t explain everything about how to do it here but it is all about folding and cutting on certain measurements!

This exact template isn’t available anymore but you can check out my favorite place to get templates here!!

5- Christmas Watercolor

I used to have a love/hate relationship wth watercolor. I LOVED how it looks when others did it but I never could seem to make mine look good which was so frustrating! Well recently I picked it up again and kind of shocked myself that it actually didn’t look terrible! And now I love it! It’s so fun! No, I’m not a professional (and no, it still doesn’t look like others gorgeous pieces) but hey, I have a blast doing it! This piece is supposed to be me and my dog, Riley! <3

You can find my favorite watercolor palette here!

I hope you can find some time this season to relax and do some arts and crafts! I know I will be! If you need some lovely Christmas music to listen to check out this Spotify playlist of some of my favorite Christmas songs!

Merry Christmas!!

What is your favorite thing about Christmas? What are your favorite Christmas crafts? Have you ever done any of these crafts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!!

Until next time,

Bella πŸ‘‹

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12 Responses

  1. all these crafts look amazing and so fun! i’ve never tried any of them before, but i have a feeling i will! thanks for sharing bella! <3

  2. I made homemade ornaments this year! I cut out music from Christmas song books and glued it onto little pieces of wood or cardboard. Then I added some things like jute, ribbon, or beads. It was a lot of fun! (minus the fact that for one craft project, I burned my hand on the glue gun a million times, hahah!)

    1. Oh my word Leah that sounds SO cool!!!! I would LOVE to see a picture, if you wanted to PM me! πŸ˜‰
      (Argh that’s like a crafters greatest struggle… I still have a scar on my elbow from a hot glue burn!! XD)
      Thanks for commenting! <33

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