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Hello and welcome to my blog! If you are a creative (whether in art or writing), love good wholesome books, or are a Christian teen, this blog is the place for you. My name is Bella Raine and these are my biggest passions, and what this blog is all about. πŸ’›

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My Top 10 Creative Activities


One of my most favorite things to do is sit down at my desk (or a table) and listen to something (perhaps an audiobook or music) and do some kind of artistic or creative craft!! Today I thought I’d share with you my top 10 favorite crafts/art projects/creative activities to do!

1- Fluid Acrylic

You might already know this, but I love doing fluid acrylic art!!

2- Coloring

I love to color! I mostly use markers or pens to color! A lot of my favorite coloring books are of Bible verses (like the above picture), and I also really enjoy color-by-numbers!

3- Watercolor Pencil

This is something I only recently got into but it’s really fun! I did actual watercolor art for a while but I wasn’t very good at it. Haha! But I LOVE watercolor art so this helps me get that beautiful design!! (note: this is a watercolor coloring book- I did not free-hand that! Haha!)

4- Pen Pal Art

I’m not totally sure what else to call this except pen pal art. I recently found a blog and spent a long time perusing through all of her pen pal posts, and was super inspired!! Mostly it’s just little cards, art, stickers, and designs that could fit perfectly in an envelope!

5- Painting

I have done so many different paint forms throughout the years and I’ll do something other than fluid acrylic every now and then. I really like gouache (pictured above)!!

6- Macrame

Macrame is really fun! I’ve only made a few pieces since I haven’t gotten more yarn yet but I’m all about a boho deign style so macrame is so beautiful to me!

7- Friendship Bracelets

I have made friendship bracelets for so long- I have SO many!! They are really fun to make, and I will almost always make a new bracelet whenever we go on a fun trip, with colors that match!

8- DIY Houses

My mom gave me a mini version of these for Christmas and I fell in love with them! They are so much fun to make!!

9- Journaling

My fellow writers can probably empathize with me here- you can NEVER have to many journals!! One of my most favorite things to do recently is sitting by my bed in my room journaling!

10- Embroidery

I don’t do this as much anymore, but it’s a really peaceful craft that I’ll sometimes do! There are so many patterns out there, and I think they’re really pretty!!

There you are! Hopefully you found some new crafts to try out, and if you need a good audiobook to check out stick around for my next post! (hint: i may or may not be on a “top 10” theme…)

Have you ever tried any of those? What are some of your favorite crafts? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!!

Until next time,

Bella πŸ‘‹

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12 Responses

  1. Ooh! All of those look so fun and amazing! Also, you do beautiful stuff, and have such a talented hand! I like to embroider, do watercolor (Although I’m not very good at it), color, and journal! This was really cool to read, and get to know more about you!

  2. I’ve done macrame before! It’s really fun. I also journal nearly every day, which has been really good. Yes, I empathizeβ€” you can never have enough notebooks!! Great blog post, Bella (:

  3. Wow! All those projects are so, so pretty! I’ve seen DIY houses before and I used to really, really want to get one. There are lots at Hobby Lobby, but they are mostly like dollhouses that you can decorate and paint and put things on the inside, not like the picture you showed.

    1. Thanks Roxy! Yes I actually just got one at Hobby Lobby that’s really similar! They sell them on Amazon also, which is where I’ve gotten the others, i.e. the one in the picture!

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