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Q+A With Me 2.0!

Hello friends!! Last week, I had the FUNNEST (hehe, that’s not a word but it’s alright 😜) time writing a Q+A post, answering all the questions my lovely email subscribers have been sending it! I got so many awesome questions that I had to break this into two posts! So here is the sequel! 😉 […]

Q+A With Me!

Hello friends!! About a week ago, I sent an email out to my wonderful email subscribers asking for all of your questions promising to answer them in a Q+A post in celebration of a big subscriber milestone! Well you guys did not disappoint! I had so many amazing questions about all kinds of things and […]

My Favorite Christmas Crafts

Hello friends! Christmas is only two weeks away! Can you believe that? I feel like just yesterday it was the fall and now in only a handful of days it will be Christmas! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is making fun Christmas crafts!! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite festive arts and […]

How To Do Fluid Acrylic Art

Hello! Today I have some very exciting news, and a different kind of post for you!! First the exciting news… I have officially moved my Art By Bella Raine (Etsy shop) right here to my blog! Since I started, I have been selling mostly through word-of-mouth, and local oppurtunites, using Etsy as my platform, but […]

My Top 10 Creative Activities

Hello! One of my most favorite things to do is sit down at my desk (or a table) and listen to something (perhaps an audiobook or music) and do some kind of artistic or creative craft!! Today I thought I’d share with you my top 10 favorite crafts/art projects/creative activities to do! 1- Fluid Acrylic […]

Coaster Crazy!

Hello! Recently I was at Home Depot (though that’s not unusual; my family owns a construction business, and we frequent Home Depot! ) and I purchased a case of ceramic tiles. (do you know how heavy a case of 100 ceramic tiles is to carry all across Home Depot? Really heavy! ) Though, it was […]

Do You Want A Free 12 Month Calendar?

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I’m so happy you are here!! I’d love to have you on my email list, and as a treat for you if you subscribe, you can get this ^^ calendar I made myself!

A whole year, with each month having it’s own page, layout, and unique style! They each have a Goals & Notes section, also! With muted pastel backgrounds & watercolor images on each display, I know I’m bias, but it’s gorgeous!

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