Top 10 Tips For Writers (A Guest Post)

Hello! There are a few things I’m really passionate about and if you ask me (since I’m definitely a talker) could go on and on about!! Some of those are Jesus, Adventures in Odyssey, art, blogging, and of course WRITING!! Writing is something I just love talking about and even though I haven’t been writing […]

Book Review- Once Upon A Wardrobe

Hello friends!! It’s been a little while since we’ve had a book review so I feel it’s time for another! Today’s book is a recent new favorite for me: Once Upon A Wardrobe I’m a big C.S. Lewis fan, and both my grandmother and great-aunt recommended this book to me, and so I thought I’d […]

My Top 10 Books

Hello! As we continue on with my “Top 10” series, I have a list of my top 10 most favorite books!! I hope you can check these out and find some new reads! Follow me through the shelves, and let’s go!! Note: These are in no particular order! 😉 Second Note: Some of these I’ve […]

Book Review- Kingdom Series

Hello friends!! I hope you all enjoyed my book review of the Sonrise Stable series! (and if you haven’t read the review click here!) Today I bring you a series review, of… The Kingdom Series I am currently writing a Biblical allegory fantasy novel and as part of that, I figured that I should read […]

Book Review- Sonrise Stable

Hello friends!! I hope you all enjoyed my book review of Lines Of Courage! (and if you haven’t read the review click here!) Today I bring you another book review, this time a series. The series is: Sonrise Stable! I absolutely LOVE this series! It has so many things I love threaded throughout these books!! […]

My First Official Publication!

Hello!! I am a writer, and an author.  You might think being a writer and an author are the same but let me shock your socks off right here and now. They are not!  While you put your socks back on, let me tell you why. A writer is one who writes.  An author is […]

Book Review- Lines Of Courage!

Hello friends!! Time for a book review!! And the lucky book who gets to be reviewed today is…drumroll… Lines Of Courage by Jennifer Nielsen! This is one of my all-time favorite books! (by one of my all-time favorite authors too! ) So here, we go……                     […]

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