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Spring Photos!

Hello friends! Ahh spring. Gotta be my favorite season of the year! The new growth, the bright sun, the flowers blooming to life, the baby critters, and the gorgeous weather! Agh what’s not to like?! Hope you enjoy this collection of spring-y pictures I’ve taken over the last few weeks! ~*~ The thing that screams […]

Fall Photos!

Hello! I’m writing this post on my back deck looking out at my yard covered in crunchy fall leaves!! It’s dreamy!! I don’t know about you, but fall is my MOST favorite season of all!!! Why you ask? Well a few reasons… The weather. If you want to make Bella happy, give her some parmesean […]

Summer Photos!

Hello! Fun Fact About Bella: My favorite color is turquoise! (Or teal, or aqua, whatever you want to call it! 😉) You might’ve guessed that already since there’s a lot of turquoise on this blog! Well because turquoise is my favorite color, I have a lot of things that are turquoise, one of which being […]

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A whole year, with each month having it’s own page, layout, and unique style! They each have a Goals & Notes section, also! With muted pastel backgrounds & watercolor images on each display, I know I’m bias, but it’s gorgeous!

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