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I Went To A Writer’s Conference | My Takeaways

Hello friends!! Just over a week ago I attended my first writing conference— the C.S. Lewis Writer’s Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. This is the castle where it was hosted! 😱 You guys… it was amazing! 🤩 I’ve heard so many awesome things about writer’s conferences but none of that quite did justice to what […]

Q+A With Me 2.0!

Hello friends!! Last week, I had the FUNNEST (hehe, that’s not a word but it’s alright 😜) time writing a Q+A post, answering all the questions my lovely email subscribers have been sending it! I got so many awesome questions that I had to break this into two posts! So here is the sequel! 😉 […]

Q+A With Me!

Hello friends!! About a week ago, I sent an email out to my wonderful email subscribers asking for all of your questions promising to answer them in a Q+A post in celebration of a big subscriber milestone! Well you guys did not disappoint! I had so many amazing questions about all kinds of things and […]

Author Interview- CJ Milacci

Hello! I told you to stay tuned for my next post and here it is as promised!!! I have for you an interview with the award-winning author of the Talionis series (yup the same one I just did a review of, here!)… CJ Milacci!! I’ve gotten the honor to chat with CJ a bit over […]

2023 In Review + Looking Ahead To 2024

Hello!! Now I know I’m a bit late for this kind of post, I mean New Years at this point has come and gone, but I’m not letting that stop me! I thought a post looking back over last year as well as looking ahead to 2024 would be fun, so let’s dive in! My […]

Writing When You’re Busy (A Guest Post)

Hello friends!! Today I have the privilege to be swapping blog posts with Leah Grace from The Grace Haus!! She has a lovely blog for Christian teen girls, and I love reading her posts!! I definitely recommend you check her out and sign up for her email list! I wrote a post for her that […]

Author Interview!

Hello! I am super excited for this post today, and it’s because I have the great joy and honor to be interviewing, award-winning author Libby McNamee!!   Libby is one of the authors who I got to learn from at both online summer writing camp I attended. Her teaching continues to hit me right where […]

My Top 10 Writing Resources

Hello!! Whether you have been writing for two weeks, or writing for 6 years, we ALL need help from time to time! There is so much information out there on how to be a writer, it’s staggering. I mean, when you google “writing tips”, 10.15 trillion results come out. That’s a lot of advice! So […]

My First Official Publication!

Hello!! I am a writer, and an author.  You might think being a writer and an author are the same but let me shock your socks off right here and now. They are not!  While you put your socks back on, let me tell you why. 😉 A writer is one who writes.  An author […]

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A whole year, with each month having it’s own page, layout, and unique style! They each have a Goals & Notes section, also! With muted pastel backgrounds & watercolor images on each display, I know I’m bias, but it’s gorgeous!

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