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Dedicated Writers – Three Principles – One Summer

Hi friend! I’m Bella Raine, a passionate young writer who loves learning.

And when I say I love learning… I mean I really love learning- ha! Especially about things I’m passionate about. This year, one of my goals was to learn more about writing… but how? When you Google “writing tips”, in a matter a few milliseconds, about 377,000,000 results appear. That’s so overwhelming!

Where do you start? Great, you want to learn and grow in your writing… now what?

Enter, The Mastery Movement, an email course for dedicated writers. For three months this summer (June-August 2024) , I’m taking a deep dive into three specific areas of the writing craft and practicing them with a passion. Will you join me?

How It Works

After you sign up, I’ll send you a welcome kit in the mail with some goodies to help get you excited for this summer! Each month will be themed around one skill and I’ll provide us with links to helpful articles, videos, podcasts, and more to help us learn all about it.In addition, each month I’ll share an interview with some of my favorite authors who are masterful in the skill, as well as an interview with young writer who I see really excelling in each skill!
Throughout the month, I’ll send out some check-ins, extra content, or anything else that will help us grasp each writing concept!
Each month will conclude with prompts and implementation exercises. Everyone will write a short story implementing what we learned and send it to me. I’ll choose a winner out of the stories and they will get a prize in the mail!

What We Will Cover

~ Topics Release On May 1st ~

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More about me...

Hey there, friend! I’m Bella Raine, fun-loving, creative, homeschooled young woman. I have a passion for pure books, fluid art, writing for His glory, fall weather, and the belief that it’s never too hot for sweatshirts! While working toward traditional publication for my Middle Grade novel, I love creating and selling fluid art on my store, reading lots of books, drinking frozen kombucha, and hanging out with my family and friends on our small farm in Tennessee! I’ve been published in two historical fiction anthologies and also run a blog about all things books, art, and writing. 

The Story Behind The Mastery Movement

One of the people who I greatly look up to in my writing journey said this…

“Before you go compose a concerto, I want you to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and make me cry.”

Brett Harris, bestselling author & co-founder of The Author Conservatory and The Young Writer’s Workshop

When I first heard this quote, it impacted me. So often we strive toward the big stuff, the giant achievements, the flashy results, but what we can fail to remember is to work hard in the little. Improving your prose, learning proper grammar, developing your characters, aligning your theme, and so much more. When we master the little, we’ll soar so much farther in the big.

If we can knock it out of the park just by playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, how much better do you think we will be in Beethoven concerto? If you can nail a short story, don’t you think your epic fantasy novel will be such much stronger?

Fundamentals are the same in both. Prose, characters, plot, theme, I could go on. All of those apply pretty much the same (albeit on a bigger, deeper scale) to a novel as it does to a short story. We can’t lose sight of the fundamentals, for they will be one of our greatest assets.

This is what The Mastery Movement is about. Going back to the fundamentals, and diving deep.

Together we will band together, a battalion of young writers, and strive towards mastery. Will you join me?


I’ve been writing very seriously for about 4 years but writing and reading have always been huge parts of my life. After I decided to take writing seriously as my career, I jumped head over heels into learning everything I could. I’ve listened to hours of podcasts, attended Q+A’s and Office Hours with some of my favorite authors, participated in online writing summits, joined communities of other writers, read craft books, and I’m not stopping any time soon. Learning is huge to me, and it’s my joy to get to partake some of the knowledge I’ve learned and point you to the places I love learning from.

I’m not solely teaching you from my knowledge- more than that I’m pointing you towards the pros, the masters, the people who I look up to and let them impart their wisdom of decades in the biz to us.

See what sparked this idea here!

I will be using email to send out all of the information, and to stay in touch with you during the summer!

I’ll be sending you a little welcome kit in the mail, as well as if you are the spotlight story per month, I’ll send you a prize in the mail! I respect your privacy, and will never share your address.

We will be covering topics like characters, prose, etc that pertain primarily to fiction writers, and the assignments will be short story. We won’t turn you away if you’re a non-fiction writer, but you’ll grow and learn the most if you are a fiction writer!

It will begin June 1st and conclude August 31st!

No! My hope is that no matter how long you’ve been writing, you will find something new to learn within this course. I’m dedicated to this, and therefore I’d dedicated to diving DEEP. This isn’t going to be merely surface level learning- we’re going all in!

Have more questions? I'll get back to you asap!

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